Rudolf's Black and White Works plugin

Have you even tried to convert some of your color photos to Black and White?
It can be done in several ways. Simpliest, but most primitive way is to desaturate your work in Phostoshop (Ctrl-Shift-U). Other way is to play with Channel Mixer.

But the most convenient way is to use dedicated plugin - but when I started to search for such a thing, I have spotted one serious complication - not even one plugin was free to use. So I decided to write my own. :)

What is it?

Rudolf's Black and White Works is a free to use Photoshop plugin, that makes conversion from color to BW photography producing astonishing results. Plugin is in 8bf format, so you can use it in most popular graphics programms like PaintShop Pro, free Irfan View, and of course Adobe Photoshop (tested in CS/CS2).

Plugin works on PC version of Photoshop, in 8bits or 16bits per channel image depth.


Black and White Works plugin is completely FREE. You can copy, redistribute it, use it anywhere, but... you cannot use it commercially or sell it! For a license, under which the plugin is distributed please see the bottom of page.

You can download plugin here:
Black and White Works v1.1(95kB, zip archive)


Below, you can see a screenshot of interface:

Interface view

How to use it?

Usage is quite simple. Just unzip archive content to Plug-ins folder of your Photoshop (or other image manipulations software) installation directory.

Second, try to use some presets - Alpha, Beta or Gamma. You will quickly see what varied effects the plugin can give to your pictures.

To see all the abilities of a plugin, try to move the "Color Mixer" slide control left and right and play with it for a while. Then, try to use "Saturation" slider. It makes whole effect weaker or stronger.

Remember: strongest effect occurs with Saturation value 128.

You can also tone your picture - to do this, select a color in "Toning" section and click "Active". Toning your pictures gives them sometimes *really* better look.

I hope the plugin will be a great fun for you. If you want to tell me about it, don't hesitate to write to me.

Buziaki, Rudolf.

Creative Commons License

This plugin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.